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Can You See Me...

Close to a month or so ago, my sister quipped, "You don't let people know you. Who really knows you"? I'm unsure if her comments struck a nerve or created a path for me to think about those who know me versus those who do not; either way, words can lead some to the light.

As I sit within my favorite room, in my house, I'm left to reflect about who I am and why on earth anyone would care to "know me". For those of you who think that you know me, you more than likely do, if we've spent time together; time to me is always the deciding factor between the known and the unknown.

You see, I have a problem with time, it's fleeting and far too many people are standing still, watching their lives fade into, wherever it is boring lives fade off to. My time problem is one that I cannot fix, there isn't enough time. Some people wait their entire lives to put one foot in front of another; I suppose the reality is despite the lost time, they're still making a move of sorts. Yes, I still do believe that the turtle can win the race, however it's all a time thing.

The only thing of importance to me is today and those who helped to make today one which I might remember tomorrow, if I'm blessed with more time. Throughout my life, I've displayed an unusual amount of patience when faced with moments in which I should have been antsy.

Perhaps my sister is right, I don't let people in; then again, perhaps I truly understand how valuable time is over people who simply will waste my time. I'm not after any new friends and I'm not calling any old ones who've drifted along the way.

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