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Cheers To You...

For years, I mean years on end people have called me everything from fancy to quirky, standoffish to mysterious, hipster to my personal favorite unique. There are levels to this person you may or may not know and truth be told there are levels to all of you reading these words as well, so "Cheers to you".

What a freakin' time to be alive, we have information which can receive within the blink of an eye and right to the palms of our hands no less; I remember the days of having to search for information in books or on floppy disks. In today's world, we've slowly started replacing the human touch for the touch of technology, the warmth of having Siri, Google, or whatever else that's out there holding us close.

Now, I'm starting to read like a grumpy old man and I'm finding that I'm the furthest from old, instead, I'm coming into my own in my mid forties. The time for maturity hits differently for everyone, obviously, and the fact that I'm wanting to mature as opposed to implode speaks volumes for where I'm heading in life. Okay, I do want a Tesla and yes I can stroke the payments but I was also asked recently by a close friend, "What are the benefits of owning a fancy anything"?

The benefits of staying within my lane will only bring me peace at the end of the day. Another friend told me yesterday, "A life without chaos should be handled with care". Man, that hit home not because my life is chaotic, it home because of the usage of the word care. Too many of us have stopped caring for the one person we need to the most, ourselves. We're willing to sacrifice our happiness, our peace, in order to not look a certain way, feel a certain way and at the end of the day those sacrifices are wrecking shop on so many facets of our lives.

I've probably had more splashes of great whiskey, this year, than at any other time in life; NO, I'm not a big drinker though one of the sisters with the dancing eyes would say differently but I have noticed that each time I've found a drink in hand I've been at peace more times than not. The beauty in this acknowledgement is also due to the fact, I have friends who are super into good beers and whiskey so by default, I'm allowed to not them drink alone, lest I not forget great meads as well. The year has definitely found me tipsy a couple of times, unsure if it was this year I cried and walked home or if it was last year, either way, there have been some tears too but in the end so much freakin' laughter.

As this year draws to an end in a few days, I hope you promise to love yourselves a bit more and also focus on who/what's important in you life, as they might be the same. I'm close to my 400th post and it's making me a tad nervous and proud.

Since I'll be social distancing from 99.9% of the people I genuinely care for, I raise a glass to you now, yes, now... What, sue me, I'm on vacation. I hope you all continue to smile and I pray I continue to find my footing within this world of ours (I know you like the kicks, they're kind of fancy, unique, stylish, me).

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