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Cold Nights...

I walked through my front door about an hour or so ago, it seems. The last two days have been long and my mind is a little uneasy, to be honest with you my spirit is too. You know when something is off but you just can't quite place your finger on it but you know it's something? For me, those somethings are usually staring me in the face or found within past conversations; the pieces are laid out and waiting to be put into place.

This house of mine is far too quiet and I'm far too lazy to leave, in order to sit in a space just to hear noise or watch other people interact with each other. I'm afraid that I've made myself a loner in a way. There are few things which motivate me to move, these days it seems but then again it's not the things as much as it is me.

The day has been long and I'm feeling a bit drained; to be fair, I have been on a bit of a tear, over the last two weeks. It sucks to be an overthinker! Maybe I should take a beach day?

It's 7p and I'm pulling my blanket closer to my chest. In all honesty, I'll go to bed without probably uttering a word to anyone for the rest of the night; it's crazy to think that my day is made up of so much silence and these COLD NIGHTS are made up of the same.

Maybe I will schedule that beach day after all and listen to the waves...

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