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Constantly Moving...

Every now and then, I remember there are a few of my old clients whom I haven't seen or heard from in a while. I suppose when you've been in the same industry for close to twenty five years, some faces and names start to get fuzzy, however you always recall the people who took their time out to tell you about the light which they see within you.

Dr. Nish was one of the special clients who'd come into the branch, do his transactions, sit at my desk and ask me about life. The entire reason he liked me initially was due to a bank error that he identified and said, "Hey, I don't have time to fix this, here's what's going on, call me when it's handled..." but his request came with a smile and not as though I worked for him or below him. Over the years, our conversations moved from work to life and I had the chance to share a few lunches with him and a couple jogging sessions as well; he was always active and he often asked me if I wanted to purchase his BMW.

My admiration of Dr. Nish was due to his uncanny energy, perspective, and business savvy. The richest man in the room, needn't be the loudest. The days he'd bounce in and out of the office were always good days because he always seemed to have a story and positive words. If I can be completely honest, I wish he were my uncle or something; I feel as though I might be further advanced if I had met him earlier in life and sat at tables with him and his family.

As fate would have it, time was an excuse for our lack of communication as it so often is when we sit and think of those we haven't spoken with for a bit. Today, I was driving and thought about Dr. Nish, so I picked up the phone and called him number to find it had been disconnected/not a working number. The message caused me to think about the last time we'd spoken and how I remembered there wasn't an energy within his voice, there wasn't a story.

Instead of texting a few people who share a connection with him, I used Google to search his name and it was Google that informed me of his passing nearly two years ago to the date.

Life is CONSTANTLY MOVING and I'm grateful for those who've and come shared a bit of time with me, those who've put their arms around me and encouraged me to explore, to be me. Dr. Nish used to greet me, every time with, "Hey there, handsome..." and then he'd continue with whatever he was saying. For all I know he called everyone handsome but within that moment, I always felt as though I was special not because of the word but because I knew he was being genuine.

They say angels walk amongst us and I think he was definitely an angel on earth; there aren't too many people I hold in such regard. I'm sorry, it took me so long to say, "Hello" and I'm doubly sorry, I can only write a short but heartfelt goodbye; in the end they're both genuine.

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