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Dark Nights...

The days, weeks, months, have all flown by, leading up to this hot summer period. I'm not doing too much these days, travel wise, so staying at home isn't the end of the world, given it's averaging 110 degrees outside. Actually, I'm unsure as to who's really doing what in this town of ours. Of course, I hear the buzz of this person is doing this show, you should come out, this person is having this event, you should come see it, or this party is here, you should roll through.

It's all fine and dandy until I look at the temperature outside, compared with the temperature inside, of my house, and then I'm left wondering why I'm home so often these days. These days allow me not feel bad for wanting to stay put and hidden more so than usual. The heat tends to do this to me, thus why I do my best to escape summers in town, whenever I can afford to do so.

Yesterday, I found myself in a swimming pool. I was floating around with a drink in hand and not a care in the world, as I looked at the sunset from atop a hill. It really is interesting to think of the places I find myself and the state of mind I'm in when within said places.

So far this year, I've had my eyes on two countries to visit but the way the world is setup currently, I'm unsure if travel will halted once again and we'll all be forced back into quarantine. The excitement of travel has turned into more a feeling of, maybe I'll find myself somewhere different.

In the coming weeks, I hope to wake up in a few different cities. I've found it's through travel that my days and night are made; I just wish at times, these days and nights could be spent with someone who'd enjoy the now.

I'm not at a place to write about love because it's a topic that I was told never to write about and I've held true this for some time. Now, what I will write about, quickly, are these nights which come and go. The nights which leave me wondering, what it would be like if there weren't such a thing as distance, if there weren't risks to taking risks, if there weren't goodbyes but more hellos, if there weren't rejection, vulnerability, loneliness, or all this damn heat.

In the DARK NIGHTS, all I can hope for is something which will help light my path, person or thing. And so it begins, Summer 2021.

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