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Don't Give Up...

Is it bad that I'm sitting here at this very moment listening to A$AP Ferg's song 'Work' whilst working, like I'm literally sitting here bobbing my head, pumping my fist, and sending emails? I'm sure my parents wouldn't approve but then again my dad does like a couple 2 Pac tracks so this song might go dummy in their HRV if they see how hyped I get from it and all.

Today has been a day filled with errands and other schtuff, I think stuff should be spelled schtuff more often than not. I started my day early, I was up way too late, as that seems to be my calling card for the last few years or so. IF not mistaken, I listened to my last sappy song around 2:30a and then scurried off to my room with tears in my eyes. I swear it's always music, always lyrics which make me pause and reflect about where I am in life.

I can hear Journey playing in the background, people go crazy for Journey.

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