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I have an ex

Whom after we broke up

Wrote me a note

She said I was a dumb duck

And had no original jokes

Something about how she wished I would choke

As I read the email

I remember the dark

And how her words were beginning to spark

A peace in me which had been dormant for years

Oh snap this volcano

Was about to smear

Hot fire, that even Dylon would fear



Took a deep breath

And let my thoughts float

See, I don't have many experiences

With the opposite sex

I was always the geek

Who had letters on vests

A bird for a chest

The one girls with broken hearts

Would feel comfortable to text

So it was interesting to read

The words from this ex

Her words were so vexed

It was as though she wanted

To place her hands around my neck

What she failed to understand

Is that I had to protect

My future endeavors

Because her wants were so complex

Perhaps I was inept

By allowing time to move on

And not being true to the feelings

Which had left

Before the light shown

And the shadows had crept

Away on some random spring day

It's really a simple concept

When love fades to gray

What does one have left

The rain comes in

And cleans out the mess

What do we miss

The fleeting feelings

Of a few days of bliss

Maybe it's the way that they kissed

Or the way the I love you(s)

Would flow off their lips

This is the first time I've sat to ask any questions like this

I was head over heels for a girl once

And she managed to sit

In the bed of another

And he managed to slip

More than his words down by her hips

She said she was dumb and it was merely a kiss

Fast forward a bit

Bases loaded

He managed to hit

A shot up the middle

And the bat he'd subsequently flip

After he did a weird dance with his hips

(Shivers at thought, gross...)

I was never a jerk to the ex

The one who sent an email

Instead of a text

Well, perhaps it was due to what I did next


I did nothing

Not even a reply

There were a few times I used my shirt to dry out my eyes

So tonight I'm merely taking my fingers for a spin

Remembering how simple life was back then

During those virgin years

Smile it's my life not yours...

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