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Fading Light...

I've decided to sit down for a moment and catch my breath. These days have seemed something, the bad part is I'm unsure as to what that something truly is or what's behind this feeling I've had as of late. In retrospect, I'm not doing too much running around but then there's the curious case of my mind running all over the place.

For what seems to be far too long, my mind has been left in the "On" position and running a thousand miles a minute. There's an overwhelming feeling of being antsy and truly second guessing most of the steps that I'm taking/making these days. I'm on an island all by myself, attempting to figure out how to get off of said island. IF I were to name this island, it would be called The Island of Uneasiness.

Have you ever had a feeling in your stomach that something was off, I mean your stomach was talking back and saying, "You know what, something is off"? It's sort of strange to imagine your stomach really talking back to you but the truth is something is telling me to slow down.

With an overactive mind, comes a lack of sleep and for far too long, I've had trouble closing my eyes and being okay within the darkness. In the coming weeks, we'll be entering the fall months and within these days, there will be all sorts of randomness, from Halloween to Thanksgiving. I'm over here dreading the idea of being alone during most of these days. Well, to be fair, I don't dress up for Halloween and I also don't like the idea of Thanksgiving, given various reasons, though I'll say that I dislike dry turkey and most things served out of a can, on this day. Somewhere, my sis is smiling and shaking her head about my disdain for canned food.

The days are getting shorter now, which means there is FADING LIGHT all around me. I love these days! It's within the darkness, I've learned to find my way and it's within the darkness, my light has shined the greatest. The truth is there's nothing perfect underneath the sun/moon but there are these moments, these little moments when everything lines up perfectly.

I'm simply attempting to live within the moment(s); perhaps you'll join me, here, or perhaps you'll insert yourselves into your own window of time.

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