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Feel Like A Kid...

I've been awake since a little before 4a, a little after 5a, and so on; I'm not sharing this to say that I'm physically tired as much as I'm sharing to say that my mind floats around this dark room more often than I'd like it to. The thoughts which run in and out of my brain are numerous, they're creative, sad, insightful, and surprisingly funny at times. Yes, most of my best material transpires within these early morning hours, yet, I fight the urge to role from my warm bed in order to plop myself in front of one of these computers.

Today is an interesting day of sorts, it's a quiet anniversary which I've observed for a few years now. It's interesting what we hold on to and why we do so as well, yet through all of the twist and turns, I harken back to being a younger me, standing there with a returned note in hand, with the no box checked.

I wish today were different, which I don't often wish about most day but here I am in a room that has some sappy music being piped through it, all the while reminding me that it's okay to FEEL LIKE A KID today; I'm not holding any notes, I'm not feeling rejected, I'm merely here listening to time tick away slowly.

Happy Anniversary:

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