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Feeling A Way...

I fell in love with your first name

I closed my eyes wondering if you feel the same

Way I feel about you

Our eyes just met


I don't know if I can live without you

But there's one thing

I don't know anything about you

You see my mood

There's no interlude

I want to know all about you

Would you save me dance

IF I took the chance

And started to walk right over

Would you

Take my hand

And lay your head on my shoulder...

For years, I've been chasing what seems to be the clouds. I say things like, "I'm searching for peace" when my world is rather peaceful, now, or "I'm feeling lonely" when good books are merely a few feet away from me. There are lies which I allow myself to fall victim to and those lies are what truly keep me chasing instead of understanding that clouds are always on the move and I'll never catch any of them.

This camera has allowed me to view so many great things over time, capture so many memories as well. Initially when I purchased my camera, I never thought I'd tell stories based upon what I'd captured through the lens. A buddy of mine used to take exception with my pictures and captions, "You were asleep, woke up, and snapped that picture and you're going to tell a big ol' long story about it"... Uuuuuh, creativity doesn't mean one needs to or has to be awake.

There are a few loves that I have in my life and by few, I do mean a few. I've found that my heart always seems to beat a bit stronger when nature is involved and my camera is allowed to be used. My other love is the ability to share with those who are willing to listen and view. We live in a world where some merely dream and others, others take the bull by its horns in order to get things done.

I'm not taking pictures for me, I'm taking them for you... As I pass through this planet of ours and the spaces woven within this intricate world, I want you to know that you're right next to me; you're not a cloud as much as you are a heartbeat, one that I can feel with every touch of the button.

There are no clouds to chase, they're all moving and chasing me it seems.

Kiss me babe, kiss me as gently as the landscape kisses the sky.

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