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For Better No Worse...

The minister or officiant go through the words which have been used repeatedly since the turn of the time. It recently struck me that this reminder is a precursor of sorts, this oh things might suck but you have those rings so you can't bail on each other vibe feels a bit contrived right from the start. I'm pretty sure I'm not getting married at some point soon and I'm also certain that the worse shouldn't be taken lightly especially if you have a bad feeling about things. "You know what, there's a rattlesnake in this bed but I'm going to jump underneath these sheets and hope for the best. Yep, here goes nothing, I hope this ring can save me."

I say all that to get to the fact, I was provided an opportunity to photograph a maternity session. My mind tends to naturally drift but there was something different about this particular drift. It could have been the fact I as slightly dehydrated in the hot stale air, it also could've been the fact that I found myself drawn into the couple's better, without being concerned with any possible worst(s).

There was a genuine care for being displayed and in this day and age, it's almost rare to witness young couples who seem so old in spirit. Shoot, I'm still wildin' out at the gentle age of, old. His kiss, on her baby bump, caused me to pause and smile.

Today, there were no worsts and that only helped to make things better.

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