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Full Circle...

I fully get it now more so than ever. The idea of time and how quickly it moves. Over the years, I've probably written hundreds of pieces referencing some aspect of time. It's within brief moments, when I find myself being drawn towards understanding that time in and of itself is fleeting and filling its void with something else.

If we were to think of time as being a seed per se, we would think about the where the seed came from in order to be seen by our eyes. For this simple example, I'll say time is but a single seed. We've unpacked said seed and it's our want to see this seed grow and hopefully open up, blossom, bear fruit.

To think that we have relationships that are much like the seed being referenced, is a trip. There are a myriad of connections, from which a single seed is planted and either watered or neglected. Just because a seed is watered, doesn't meant that it will grow, much can be said of relationships.

My buddy Dave... Man, I don't even know where to begin with this guy. We've probably been friends since I was in the seventh grade. I say since I was in the seventh grade because that dude could've been in high school or college for all I know (I kid).

The years have been kind to our friendship. We've worked within our Friendship Gardens. I've been around his family and I've watched the kids grow; they call me tio and hit me with handshakes and hugs. The youngest greeted me with a peace-sign and headnod a few weeks ago. I know I was impressed and her neighborhood friends were doubly impressed that she was saying hello to an black uncle. "Wait, that's your uncle..."

Life, life is a trip at time isn't it. One moment, I'm standing there capturing pictures of my niece and then the next moment everything comes FULL CIRCLE and I'm reminded that seeds can be human and fruit can be harvested for as long as you continue to water properly.

I guess, I do have a green thumb in certain aspects of gardening. Big shout out to my niece for making us all proud. I'm merely a quiet observer but I cheer loudly as well.

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