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Game Time...

Now, when I write about composition, I'm thinking more along the lines of how to bring a picture to life; in the end it's all about framing things correctly.

The days are flying by and I'm creating more excuses to sit and watch them move, all the while wondering why I feel as though I'm in a corner, definitely one which I've placed myself into over the last few months. This was supposed to be my summer of adventure, fun, but I've yet to venture too far from the nest. Well, to be fair, I have invites from a few friends to visit various states but I find myself more bothered with the idea of packing a bag than the idea of actually getting on a flight. I can't be an old guy already can I (looks at age)?

The weekend was supposed to be me in Pasadena, CA at a UCLA versus Fresno State University football game but I opted out to see my nephew in his soccer debut. The truth is IF I missed my nephew's first sports outing, my family would've been pissed and I would've heard it from the kid for the next however long we're both on this rock called earth! Of course Fresno State decided to pull an "upset" win, over UCLA, and I watched my nephew chase his shadow, stick out his tongue a dozen times, all the while listening to six adults yell at him whilst telling him to "Kick the ball, get the ball, the ball, ruuuuuun". I wasn't one of the ones yelling, instead, I saved my speech for him during the halftime break, "Bruh it's hot, do you know which way you need to move? Also, quit sticking your tongue out and standing like you don't have a spine, you're not a worm, stand straight and trip someone".

Look, I'm the fun uncle, shoot, I'm just fun regardless of my title! These nieces and nephews of mine are going to either smile or laugh, there's zero room for crying when you're around me; if they want to cry, their parents can keep em. Actually, I felt like crying a bit because of how cute this little dude looked but then I remembered it was GAME TIME and mamma didn't raise no baby.

Here's to hoping week two will definitely be better than week one (nervous smile). I didn't have any uncles or aunts yelling at me to do better in a sport, let alone life; in the end I hope he takes all of this with a grain of salt, life is the only game one needs to play well. Of course I say this and won't pick you on my team if you can't deliver a decent pass ball to feet.

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