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Golden Age...

Earlier this week, a buddy of mine sent a text in which he complimented a picture I had posted on Instagram and then he said, "Less pictures of you..." I'm pretty sure I only have one to maybe two pictures of myself within the walls of my IG page but it got me thinking that my face is often hidden more often than not.

Over the course of the last year, I've hunkered down and I've truly attempted to expand my abilities behind the camera and also in post production. Years ago, I told my father that I wanted to work within the world of marketing because being creative has always come easily to me.

I work for a large corporation and I chuckle and scratch my head at some of the ideas which flow down to persons like myself who are on the bottom floor. My friend Christie and me used to joke that we'd form a marketing company which would right the wrongs of the businesses who just throw out ideas which do not carry much merit.

For me, marketing and branding doesn't simply apply to the product being pitched as much as it comes down to the person that is spending their hard earned money on said product. Yes, I'm a brand guy but the brands which I like and follow are simply with their delivery and messaging.

I guess this brings me to right here, right now...

The best thing a person can wear is a smile and positive outlook on life; for me this is key to how I make connections. I think some of the most beautiful people are equipped with spirits which are their brand.

My mid life crisis will be less about materialistic accomplishments and more about the value good hearts can bring to this world of ours. We are a society of feelings and hashtags; one of my best friends and me joke about our black hearts though our hearts are the furthest from being dark and our smiles are special (mischievous). The brand I'm repping is mine but not mine alone as there are many who've helped to influence my mind and movements.

Time is forever moving and I'm noticing that I'm approaching a GOLDEN AGE within my life. I pray that this smile remains the same as it has for the last too long; I'll find a way to remain hidden because my face isn't what anyone really need to see (haha).

What is your brand and how do you market yourself...

(Nike, Carhartt, and Go-Shred)

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