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Here Goes Something...

I've been sitting on this post for some time. There are a few thoughts running about my head at the current moment and I'm unsure if they're forms of inspiration or indigestion; I pray it's the one you're wishing for as well. The truth is, I've been afraid of penning this post, whatever it might be, because it's one that's monumental within this creation that is my ever evolving blog.

As we sit on the verge of Christmas, here in the USA, and celebrate it's arrival abroad, "Hi sis, bonjour freres", I can't help but think tonight might be the right time for me to end my year on a note. Again, the problem is I'm unsure if this will be a positive or negative sounding one. To be fair, this is post number 500 to this blog and the journey needs to be applauded; there's zero room for the negative.

Yesterday, I sat within a penthouse atop of Lima, Peru and I began penning what has become more than a hobby. Upon my return to home, a friend of mine took me to dinner and he urged me to use my voice more, he urged me to tell stories about my adventures both past and present, he dared me to share hope. Over the years, another friend has told me that I have a gift of sorts, he said that my eyes were different, he asked me to not be afraid of putting my work in front of others.

Today, one of my favorite people on this planet, handed me a gift which encompasses my last three years of writing. Her words were, "You deserve to have your work shown on your walls". It's within the sentiments, I sit here feeling a bit accomplished but also incomplete due to the fact that my journey isn't done by any stretch of the imagination.

Now more so than ever, I've found myself attempting to capture the moments which others are blind to. The biggest material gift provided this year has been my black and white camera. The camera has allowed my vision to slow down and my mind to be calm during the the times I compose not only the scenes but my heart.

For me, photography has turned into a passion that yearns for...

This year has been a difficult one for most humans. The world is in shambles and most people are fighting battles which aren't seen. I for one have sat within my house and wondered about my purpose within the midst of all of this uncertainty. There are countless times, I've wanted to checkout of this nonsense and disappear/not be here. The thing that always pulls me back is thinking how ridiculous I must look complaining when in fact I seemingly have a lot of thing in my favor.

In the last six years or so, I've managed to come back to this space and share something, anything in order to keep the promise I made to myself, whilst the cool breeze was moving briskly through the space I was sitting in, looking at the busy city below me.

The words that I can imagine I told myself back then were probably, "HERE GOES SOMETHING..." All these years later, the something still continues. As always, thank you to those of you who've kept up with the random stories, songs, pictures, and brushed over my grammatical errors (I don't care about the errors).

About a month or so ago, I sat staring out this window, whilst visiting Dublin, Ireland for a spell. In the next couple of days, I'll be off to yet another european country, I will have obtained another stamp, some newer stories, and a picture or two to share.

Life is lonely more often than not but life isn't bad; I'm blessed with the ability to pursue little hobbies like photography and writing. Perhaps one day when I'm dead and gone, someone will stumble on these offerings and think they were cool, for now though, I'll keep on working at these crafts.

Merry Christmas, hopefully, you'll see me next year.

IF ONLY... #500

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