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Hide N Seek...

I've chosen a place both remote and peaceful from which to observe the world, these days. There are many who want to be seen and here I've decided to finally play a bit of HIDE N SEEK during these moments of uncertainty which face this world of ours. There is no certainty other than the gentle pinch we can apply to our arms to ensure we're alive.

The idea of being alive looks differently for everyone yet within these differences there's a subtle reminder which I keep coming back to, daily. Where does my sense of peace reside? The answer is rather simple, it resides within the moment I find myself, the moment for which I stand and observe all of the comings and goings of the the tide, the travel of the birds above me, the laughter found within the space around me, and quiet observation that I'm alive within this moment of time.

In an attempt to not become beholden to time, I've found a certain freedom in exploring the shifting sands recently; I've promised myself that I'll remain hopeful, that one day my love will join me and quietly sit and feel one with both me and the earth.

This year is gearing up to be special, yet again, given the ones prior weren't enjoyed properly. I'm no longer burying my head in the sand, as much as I am using this invisibility cloak to move about the land(s) quietly. We're forever learning aren't we, I mean this is the goal right, each obstacle a lesson, each success a lesson, each day a gift, and each snap of the shutter a chance to share a story.

IF you don't see me much this year, know that I'm well, know that I'm probably dressed in some form of black apparel, wearing far too many rings on my fingers, not saying much about much whilst attempting to blend into the scene; I mean this is how HIDE N SEEK is played right.

"Si me tomas de las manos, a cambio sostienes mi corazon..." (I'll remain hopeful)

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