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Hit Reset...

The days have moved quickly, by me once again, and I'm finding myself within an ever evolving space of peace. I'm reading a book which outlines the need for one to turn off their mind in order to become one with the now. Renè Descartes statement, "I think therefore I am" isn't a proper representation of where I want to be or where I am currently. The most important thing I learned in 2020, was to guard my sense of peace, my heart, emotions, and to do so in a way which didn't compromise any of my wants/goals.

For far too long, I've wanted nothing more than a place to sit and observe the world around me. We live in such a fast paced society, where things are swirling daily, as seen on most days if you happen to subscribe to the "news". It's all so strange, the ways in which people fill up their days with everything outside of silence and now. The last thing I want anyone thinking is that I've found a place of Zen or lofty perch from which I can sit and judge, tis not the goal I have set for myself.

Today, I woke up and thanked God for allowing me to be here; though my nights are often not as restful as I would like them to be, I still find a bit of sleep which allows me to power through my days. I'm unsure if this year will be a year filled with color or black and whites but I do know that I intend to capture quality, while growing in understanding of this camera of mine. Does art really imitate life, perhaps in this manner it will?

As the years have gone by, I've found strength within this space; it's hard to be vulnerable and write openly, honestly about what's in my head, at times the burden I've carried has been heavy and at times it has been light. The English language is "funny", light vs light, heavy vs heavy, the words which we use daily yet don't weigh the significance of until they've been expressed/seen.

I hope these words find you all doing well, I hope today has been a day that has allowed you to smile a bit, I know I've smiled once or twice and those moments were refreshing. The truth is it's time for me to HIT RESET on a few things, now being one of them.

I'm sending my love, I hope you receive it in due time, as well.

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