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Hold My Hand...

The days have been moving by quickly, since my buddy and myself decided to leave for Europe. We touched down without any real plans and that was probably one of the best decisions I've made in a really long time; the other being not to spend $2,500 on a new camera lens, a week or so ago. To be honest, the lens is coming at some point, let me not kid myself. In all truthfulness, it takes me some time to move to commit to giving a "Yes", I usually start with "No" in my head and then ride that out until I'm either out of options or my mind has been changed to see the light.

The pull of Europe was too great to pass up, it has been way too long since I've walked just to walk, explored new city streets, shops, or thought of what it was like to construct a cathedral back in 1534 AD. It's within these moments, I stop and think of how my parents will never see these places, within their lifetimes; I think of how my siblings have no interest in learning about the various cultures of the world. There are few friends who approach me and say, "I want to see Europe with you, bro..."

Some years back, my buddy Joe ventured into the bank that I was working at, at the time, and he said, "Hey man, I'm planning on going to France and I'm doing so because you set the bar". In my mind I was merely doing what made me happy, without ever taking note that anyone else was paying attention to my movements. I've always been the type to say, "IF I can do it, anyone can do it". Not only did he, "do it", he has continued to do it, by not only touching Paris but also Italy, Spain, and Costa Rica.

Over the course of our friendship which spans more than a decade, we've talked about how we travel for those within our lives who do not. We're the dudes who grew up in the barrio/projects of our respected towns, never dreaming for one moment that we would be sipping drinks at the top of hotels whilst traveling abroad. Now, by drinks, I do mean adult waters with a hint of strawberries. The last three days have allowed us to cheers to the present time in which we're sharing over the course of our time abroad. I hope our parents are proud of the men we're attempting to be for ourselves and also for them.

For some time now, I've expressed how nice it would be to see the world through the eyes of someone whom I loved. I've done this travel thing with my buddies, for years, and we've seen so much but now I'm ready to see the world with my best friend, the Bonnie to my Clyde. My ex would quip about how I never wanted to take her with me abroad and the truth to the matter was, I knew she'd never appreciate the experience or culture. There was zero reason to travel across the world just in order to be unhappy, that was taking place perfectly at home and for less.

Perhaps I'm a hopeless romantic or as my friend Shawna said earlier in the year, I'm a hopeful romantic. Yes, I want to walk on the beach one day and touch shoulders, exchange smirks/smiles/childish stares, yes, I would love dinner for two all the while talking about how unbelievable it is to be wherever we are but most importantly I want you to HOLD MY HAND and tell me that this is where you want to be. Of course, "this" being right next to me. I'm talking about wanting to wake up and see the jet lag etched across my partner's eyes (haha). I'm sure few women would want my face in front of theirs when they woke up from slumber BUT this face of mine would resemble that of pure happiness and love.

I wish you were here, you'd love it, then again, you might be here already... They gave me a table for two, I'll wait a bit longer if you tell me that you're on your way.

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