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I Can’t Sleep

The problem with an OVERACTIVE mind is it remains active to the point of total meltdown! I’m in a hotel room, on day one of several with my cousin.

First off, I’m a very chill individual, for the most part, but especially when I’m out of town. Today was no exception. A quick flight from California to Colorado turned into an all day affair; I found myself at a place of peace throughout the process (sort of).

My cousin has zero filter, he moves at a million miles per hour and he gives zero regard to etiquette, speed laws, or personal hygiene, okay okay, he does brush his teeth but I think it stops there. IF not mistaken, he said he has only one shirt for the time we’re in Colorado. (Smacks face, BRUH c’mon). I’ll speak more about him in another post, I’m sure.

I’ve felt a little off because of a lack of sleep and nerves. In these moments, I tend to work a bit too much in order to shift my energy. Last night, I slept for two hours, on the plane I slept for two minutes, and this morning I woke up after you guessed it, two hours. This freakin’ guy a bed over from me is just fine though, he’s snoring, having night terror, and moving all around in his sleep.

There’s an overwhelming feeling that keeps zapping into my head. All I’m looking for is a sign

Me: Hey

Mind: Hey

Me: Are we good

Mind: We’re perfect, sleep

Yes, you just read a conversation (rolls eyes). While everyone is sleeping I’m sitting here in the dark. This has felt like a pattern as of late.

Something is off and I Can’t Sleep on it. Maybe I’ll email my best friend at this hour, see what she has going on (rolls eyes).

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