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I Don't Know...

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

In a few days, this nugget will be another month older and another day wiser. It's amazing how quickly it moves, this time thing. I'm an uncle and the type of uncle I've grown into being is one who's around but not around too much, to wear out my welcome.

My nieces and nephews all know that I'm the fun one of the bunch. Now, don't get me wrong, my siblings are cool and all BUT I'd like to think I'm the one the kids can rough-house with and throw things at without fear of being told, "Hey, stop that..." Okay, yes, I say "Hey, stop that..." too but it's usually after I've lost all energy to keep playing and getting beat!

This little bundle of joy, sees me and immediately starts to smile, she knows she's my favorite munchkin and she's already trying to play me for a Christmas gift. She'll learn soon enough but until she can fully understand that her uncle isn't much of a holiday guy, we'll simply continue to enjoy our time. Yes, I'll buy her a Christmas gift and yes it'll be the biggest and baddest gift in the room; this will all stop when she reaches the age of twenty three.

I mean look at that face, those eyes, her hair, her smile, her little baby rolls. I DON'T KNOW where it comes from, this unshakable feeling of attachment/love. The moment she was thrown into my arms, I knew she'd love and I'd love her. My want isn't for time to rush by us in 16x fast forward mode but I do long for the time when I can sit on the floor and read to her. The idea of being a friend to these kids is something that drives me to want to stay young and hip to the world around us. In all fairness, by the time she's six, I'll be halfway to the century mark.

IF I'm blessed with more days, I hope they're sprinkled with her wild eyes and wet kisses. I wonder what her voice will sound like, I wonder how funny her laugh will be too. The bar is set high in our household and there hasn't been anyone that has missed the mark. Again, some would say that I came up a little short but those folks are just haters because... well, they're haters (haha).

When I hear about all of the chaos taking place within this world of ours, I think about all of the goodness which I have around me. I need to stop complaining, life isn't bad when you're loved and allowed to show love too.

Little Bug - Nemi

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