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I Get It

I haven't always been the best kid in the world however within the same breath, I've not been the worst. The realization that all of this is coming to an end, eventually, has left me reminiscing about the things I need to say but have yet to say to many of the people whom I care for.

The concept of love is something which I've yet to fully grasp within personal relationships and that's neither here nor there per se, however, the LOVE which I have for my mom has been something I've never truly had to work at given the fact she's too sweet not to love.

Years from now, these moments will be nothing more than memories and I pray to capture more of the moments in order to remember the moments. I apologize if that last sentence is confusing, it's always hard to convey a clear thought when I can't see the screen clearly. "I'm not cryin', you're cryin...."

My mother celebrates another full rotation around the sun and I'm forever grateful for being gifted with a person as loving and supportive as her, within my life. By the time this is all said and done I pray to make my mother proud; I mean, I am her rebel kid as funny as that might read.

A mother's love is special and I hope that you all reach out to your mums to tell them just how special they are; IF they're not special, don't waste the quarter at the phone booth.

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