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I'm Ready...

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Perhaps it's fitting that I start this off by telling you how blessed I've been to have friends who not only believe in me but love me as well. I play the humble card quite often when it comes to the scope of people I know throughout the city I reside in and maybe even the number of people I know outside of this zip code.

I never, for a split second, thought that I would have the audience which I do and I never expected that I would slow down and take note of what a friend really is. There was a time not long ago, when I considered everyone a friend and my father was quick to point out that in life friends aren't as abundant as I was attempting to make the word out to be. My dad has always had a way of checking my spirit and reasoning when it comes to certain things and in this case, he was correct. In life there are acquaintances and friends, with no real in between and there's a reason it takes place like this.

Over the course of the last few years, I've found myself saying, "No new friends". Maybe this is due to the fact, I believe I have the friends I need to have in my life. I don't want to sit here and act as if there's a waiting list or something BUT... yeah, there might be bit of waiting list for some people who want to hangout and get to "know me". IF you know me, you more than likely know me and if you don't, you'll more than likely get whatever it is I'm feeling comfortable to show, during that given space and time.

This photographic journey has allowed me to shoot so many cool things, however, a void of some type still exists when I sit and think about the creative aspects of how I can push the envelope a bit more with my work and mind for that matter.

I have zero clue how many mediums exist for artist to show their work? IF I'm being completely honest with you, I have acquaintances who've scoffed at the idea that I can even become a recognized photographer. "Oh, yeah, that picture is okay but you know I think this is more of a hobby for you as opposed to something that will pay the bills". Ummm... YEEEEAH about that, bruh!

Most people do not like to read TLDR is what I see far too much and I'm sitting here tonight wondering how many of you have made it this far. For me, it doesn't matter if five hundred people read this or if five do, someone will understand and be touched by the story much as I am touched thinking about how best to describe what's coming next.

A few weeks ago, I picked up a Leica Q2 chromatic camera. I'm not a product pusher, definitely not an influencer, or someone who brags about brands. Well, my friend Rina might say otherwise since I poke fun at her because she carries around a Nikon camera from the Civil War era. My buddy Paco shoots on a Canon too, so does Carlitos Wey, and my friend Briana and her boyfriend, and waaaait...

The point being is, I picked up a Leica Q2 chromatic camera which is probably the last camera that I'll purchase. For anyone who doesn't know anything about cameras, just understand that this is a special brand which makes cameras that produce quality unlike most cameras that you can simply pick up easily. The opportunity to own such a special camera came about due to friendships, friendships cultivated through time, hard work, loyalty, respect, and most importantly love.

My want for my pictures, moving forward, is that they be more of a story... even more than the last five years of pictures, which I've captured and posted in this blog. Yes, I'm still committed to color but things are changing ever so slightly, now.

The stories told will be special because I'm being forced to find the right light, within both my words and imagery.

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