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It's a quarter to 2p on a humid day at Wrigley Field, someone stop me if they've heard this one, at some point. Recently, I thought about a few of my travels and where the desire to explore sprang up from.

There's a family album that sits at my parent's house, to be fair there are several albums bearing far too many memories of yesteryear, inside their house. Many of these albums are filled with pictures of my father, during the time in his life when he traveled for work. The stories and outfits are what I remember the most; I'm unsure if I ever made it a point to think that I would one day walk in his footsteps and I assuredly never thought I would leave tracks of my own.

My father could care less about baseball, football, footy, or golf! Here I sit though, for not only myself but for all who either can't or won't ever see places like Wrigley Field on a random afternoon at a quarter to 2p.

It's strange to think that these seats were less than.... Meh, price doesn't matter; what does matter is the experience. How many experiences have I been granted within this space, I call life.

All of the parents with their children, the popcorn, the hot dogs, the chips, the beer, and the energy! Wait, then there's me with my thoughts, my eyes, and my camera. These are my weapons of choice, the weapons that allow me to share these stories.

I'm unsure if I'll ever be back at Wrigley Field, however, I am sure the memories captured will continue to be ICONIC, at least within my mind. It's funny to think about my dad's reaction to a place like this. All of my travels started with pictures that are neatly stored in an album.

When I leave this earth, I hope people will find adventure in the images captured and shared, in the stories of a kid turned adult, who dared to dream openly and honestly.

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