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IF the World Was Ending...

There are very few people whom I'd want to see if the world was ending say tomorrow or something. In this day and age, I would more than likely put together a Zoom, House Party, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Hangouts, or Instagram Video Chat before I truly said, "Goodbye".

In all honesty, I would disappear quietly and call a couple of people in order to say, "Thank you".

The simply reality is the world is ending each and every day, though we don't feel it per se. I've never been a bleeding heart anything and in my old age, I'm beginning to see that our planet is being squeezed for so many of its resources that greed is spreading into space and who can control the skies.

IF the world was ending I'd call you and thank you for caring about me, I'd thank you for spending a bit of time, I'd thank you for your encouragement, I'd thank you for your being present, I'd thank you for being more uplifting than negative, I'd thank you for pushing me, I'd thank you for picking me up...

IF the world was ending, I'd play you this song and we'd sit, listen, and smile.

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