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In The Stillness Of The Night...

I tend to write my best when

There's a lump of sadness, lodged within my chest

I tell you

I've told her

I love her

I'll hold her

Until time is no more

Until we're the last two humans

Who are left, still walking alone on the shore

My love for her, has never been unsure

For that I'm sure

Our adventure started

With the twinkle in her eyes

I remember the rumor

Angels can move between the earth and the sky

Have you ever had someone say, "I love you"

Only to have yourself wonder why

Or wonder how you even qualify

For something so extraordinary

Much like the site of a comet in the sky

A shooting star passing by

The first kiss of your favorite human

While you lay hidden in the stillness of the night

Oh her smile is so bright

I'm but a moth

And she's the flame

That keeps burning my wings at night

My yearning for her love

Is what keeps me up at night

I've forgotten how to sleep

My days are meshed together

Mixed with darkness and the light

For far too long, I felt as though I was broken

And she would reassure me

And tell me it will all be alright

Then one day I awoke

And she had slipped away in the night

I scoured the earth

In search of the one soul

Who saw me

When I couldn't even see my light

She had become my light

She was wild like a flame

One which couldn't be contained

To this day, I can still hear her gently whispering my name

IF only I could do the same

Lift the veil

Kiss her forehead

And have her bear my name


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