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It seems as though I haven't been here for some time (sitting here watching the cursor blink). The last few weeks have been filled with more highs than lows, not to mention a bit more travel. I'm unsure if I'll do a reflective post of 2019 because that sort of stuff is kind of played out it seems; I mean in my humble opinion it is at least.

Over the course of my life, I've found that my gut typically leads me in the right direction and also my uncanny attention to the smallest details keeps me out of harms way. IF you can imagine the cloud in the picture being named Harm, yeah you guessed it, I was driving away from it.

This photography stuff has shaped so much of my being that I find myself lost within the clouds more often than not. For close to two hours, I sat with my camera in hand waiting for something to catch my eyes and spirit. IF I ever find myself shooting just to shoot, I know that I've wasted my time. What I'm attempting to do now more than ever is convey an emotion or story through each image capture, perhaps this is my maturation process.

What are we driving towards or driving away from come the end of 2019? I suppose this might have a hint of a farewell to the year, tal vez (maybe). My year has been interesting, perhaps my finest yet, due to the fact I found my footing a bit and faced a few fears; I guess these can qualify as driving towards and driving away from obstacles. You know what, on third thought, this isn't going to be a year in review.

An acquaintance of mine mentioned to me yesterday that he checks my blog in order to see my photography and that comment stuck with me throughout the course of today. The importance of content which resonates is key to moving the bar forward.

Look at the end of the day, I know that this is all subjective, this art stuff; I also know that I'm not attempting to enter a rat race of being "the best", instead I'm attempting to be remembered for trying.

It's all so random and interesting if you sit and think about it.

Her kisses were soft as the first rains

In autumn

I was caught unprepared

Yet willing to endure her elements

Though my soul was soaked within

Her beauty

There was a different smell in the air

Not of fresh rain

But something more interesting


I knew the smell of thunder

After it had been mixed with rain

That is typically the scent after

The flash floods in summer

- Weatherman

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