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It Feels Like...

In all honesty, the days have moved so quickly by me, that I've forgotten, scratch that, I've neglected one of the few things which brings me happiness. There are a few projects which I've started and stopped and or completed over the course of the last month and change. It's within this space, I've managed to live for the greater part of almost six years now; it's crazy just how time flies by.

A few hours ago, I crawled into bed and told myself that I was heading to sleep. Yeeeeeeah about that idea. I'm still wrestling with turning my mind off and not worrying about stuff. Maybe this is the post in which I talk about anxiety and my need to be at peace, mentally; then again maybe this is just the post in which I tell you of a young boy who crossed something off of his bucket list.

I'll make this short, since I'm learning how to type again and also because it's 12:12a (I've made my wish). Years ago and I do mean years ago, I told myself that I wouldn't put my feet into the water until the time was right. The water being the ocean, the timing being with someone whom I felt cared about me. My wish list isn't large by number nonetheless, it's important due to the fact I've thought about many things before I've deliberately scribed them into existence.

The realization of the water and relationship of sand to sea is immense; the realization of my feet in the sand and a soft hand and heart beating next to me is even more intense. I'm a hopeful romantic who hasn't stumbled, though the journey has been cumbersome.

IT FEELS LIKE I've been walking towards you for some time, yet only now I've arrived, at both ocean and heart.

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