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It's A Special Feeling...

Look, I'm not even going to front, for one moment, due to the fact there's something special about getting love from little humans who can barely say my name. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know my friends are rolling their collective eyes and asking if I would like to babysit for a few hours but y'all know I'm MONEY when the entire squad is together; I'm not trying to get set up for failure and tears (I can see side stares and smirks from behind this screen, I'm the cool uncle, not the dumb one).

The truth is most kids love me, the ones who don't are the ones who are probably broken and will probably end up serving a life of crime, running with the likes of The Joker, Bain, and Doc Oct! Yeah, I said it, I'd call out some kids by name but I don't want their bad ass parents showing up in my neighborhood asking why I called their children out by name; then again, the handful of kids/parents which I have in mind, can't read anyway so I'm not too worried about offending anyone.

SOOOOOOooooo back to the little nugget below, I mean C'MON, my cold dark heart beats for those eyes, her little hug, and that smile; I'm not playing favorites to any of the other family members who read this and think that your kids don't do the same. I've just found the latest seed who is blossoming within her childhood and finding that her uncle is pretty okay and stuff (I mean you see it, she wuuuuvs me).

I'm in wuv with you too, kid, just don't ask me for anything outside of the laughter and made up songs, random dances and fruit, I'm only good for so much which you'll figure out by your fourteenth birthday. Why is this post so funny to me!

IF anyone is in need of a super down to earth, reliable, funny, FUNNY LOOKING, FUNNY SOUNDING uncle... let me know.

IT'S A SPECIAL FEELING to know that I'm loved by the littlest ones in the land.

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