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It’s Funny Isn’t It...

It’s funny isn’t it, the things which we allow to fester and bother us. For over twenty five years, I’ve disliked a guy who kissed a girl I was interested in, back in high school. I’m pretty sure she kissed me on the cheek once and held my hands a few times but was it really his fault he had the lines and I didn’t. Look, there are winners and losers in these types of things and that summer I was a loser; well played there guy, my forty something year old self just told my sixteen year old self, “Be bold man but don’t be a jerk in the process“.

I’m one grudge down, I wonder if I have any more strength to let go of other grudges. Those who know me the best, know my strengths and weaknesses, I try to stay calm through all situations even though a fire might be raging within my spirit.

For far too long, I've allowed myself to be overlooked and treated in a manner which has only helped to harden my shell. No, this isn't a Black Lives Matter post as my words and thoughts needn't be heard on that topic; this is more a post about...

Life is funny isn't it, one moment things can be moving along smoothly and then in the blink of an eye, the whole world can be upside down. Hello 2020, you've been unlike any other year in the past and as I sit here, I can only wonder what I'll have to write about on 12/31/2020.

I'm sitting on the cusp of a few exciting things and I'm wondering if I should walk through the doors or handle them like I tend to do most things, slowly. The saying, "He who risks nothing, has nothing, is nothing..." comes to mind at the moment (you can insert whatever pronoun you choose fit).

The journey to right here, right now, has been one of much trial and error, however, I can say the errors haven't been horrible and the trials haven't been too long. I 'm watching the sand within the hourglass slowly diminish and I'm hoping by the time it's gone, I would have made a few people proud.

Last year, I published a book with the help of a few friends along the way, this year I've completed another which I'm afraid to put together and send off for some reason. The truth is I'm thinking about my buddy Steve, who purchased a dozen copies of Sun Spot Stains and asked me to sign each copy. We sat on the bed of his truck and I signed books for his family, his friends, and I signed a copy for him which was heartfelt; I have no idea where that copy is now but I remember being honest and appreciative.

You see, life is funny isn't it, it can take a bright eyed, quick witted, quirky kid, and allow him to see things he wouldn't otherwise think were possible, touch countries people thought he'd never visit, say hello in languages he didn't grow up speaking, laugh in a manner as though he were taking his last breaths.

I didn't grow up "rich", I don't work in order to be "rich", I don't intend to die "poor"; I do hope yet again, when I leave this earth of ours, a few people will say, "Life is funny isn't it, he showed me that it's okay to..." (you can insert which ever phrase you see fit)

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