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It's Interesting How...

Today, I found myself lost within all things that tend to swirl around my head. The morning felt rushed, the afternoon felt heavy, my emotions felt drained, but the day was far from over, for me.

Over the course of the last three years, I've attempted to remind myself that peace is paramount, when in the face of stress. Now, IF I'm being absolutely honest with you, I place more than enough stress upon my shoulders daily; the beauty is I've learned to understand my stress and protect my inner peace.

My career has, now, afforded me the opportunity of being able to work outside of the four walls of my office. There are many who have abused this privilege, which in turn has made it even harder for employers to fully trust employees. The masses who blame the pandemic as being the reason workers no longer want to work, read and sound as though they're not in tune with what was taking place within the workplace, pre pandemic.

Companies hold weekly, boring meetings, to cover topics about how workers can do their jobs better; it's mind boggling that adults, can't simply adult. To be fair, if you tell your child that they need to clean their room, do their homework, and take out the trash or they'll get in trouble, 9/10 times things will get handled properly and without little backlash. It feels as though more time is wasted, worrying about what needs to be done. Well, insert the way I approach work and you'll need to rewrite my last sentence, "More time is wasted by others, worrying about what they need to do".

I don't work to live, I simply live, work is just the hobby that pays me and unlocks various doors within my life. Years ago, my brother told me I wasn't a professional basically, "You're a promoter..." I'm still unsure what he thought I was promoting but that's neither here nor there; I really think he saw I wasn't killing myself in order to survive.

In 2005, I was discriminated against whilst working for Bank of America. It was then I found out that one can be all things to a company and nothing all in the same breath/thought. From 2005 up until the present, I've been treated BADLY by several employers; nonetheless, I've taken the bad and planted those seeds, in hope that they'd eventually bear fruit.

We do not know where life will take us, we wish that the journey is pleasurable and long. As these days drudge forward, they do so at such a pace which leaves me looking at the sand in my hourglass. Yesterday, I was a bright eyed young adult, who was naive to the ways of the world, and today, I sit here quietly, watching the world burn before my eyes!

It's INTERESTING HOW companies place an emphasis on staff having the proper work, life, balance. In February of 2005, I was fired from a job for standing up for myself, that single experience has allowed me to travel the world and capture memories that a 9a - 5p could never fulfil; don't be fooled though, the 9a - 5p did help pay for it all.

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