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It Seems Like...

Over the last few days, it seems like I've failed to take time to sit down and pen a few words, share a few thoughts. I always think back to the beginning of this blog some five years ago or so and how I've somehow stuck with it, despite moments of uncertainty and insecurity. The thought of sharing my photography, mixed with what I was feeling at said time of photo has been tougher than I ever imagined it would be.

One of my favorite memories as a child was visiting a cornfield with my family, I was probably seven at the time. For the life of me I couldn't tell you why we were there but I can tell you that there's a picture somewhere of my little brother wearing white shorts, with a red striped shirt, holding an ear of corn, whilst smiling back at the camera; his smile as a child was everything.

As you can imagine, I have thousands of stories/moments stored within my head, some in black and white and some in color. The older I've become, I've found myself attempting to recall places and things which make up my childhood, in order for things to come full circle per se.

Recently, I took a quick trip with a couple friends and we found ourselves on a country road which was surrounded by cornfields. I thought back to the aforementioned scene with my family and as we drove, I felt as though I needed to ask that we stop for a moment.

I found a berm to stand on in order to get to higher ground; I wanted to see just how far my gaze could stretch out across the field. There are some nights which are magical whether they be hot summer nights feeling the warm breeze flowing through the interior of a '72 Chevelle while doing 55 mph, picnic(ing) on a hidden perch, watching the sunset with your soulmate, or standing some almost forty years later, watching colors dance before your eyes in the middle of a cornfield. Life is many things, however within this moment, it seems like I was being told to remember yesterday and hopefully smile today.

What do you remember, what are the black and white files within your mind, what are the newer files as well, you know the ones that are both 4K and 1080P?

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