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Just Add Water...

It seems as though this year has too many people on edge, in far too many ways. Today, I found myself outside in a bit of a windstorm, as I witnessed both trash and leaves being blown about my gated community. Yes, I live in a gated community which will become an analogy at some point I'm sure.

I've always loved flowers, especially tulips, carnations, and roses. Most men purchase flowers in order to appease a situation that they've created for themselves, at home, and by situation, I mean we've made a mess of things somehow. Perhaps it was an argument or misunderstanding of sorts which lead to the bright idea of needing to turn that frown upside down. The idea of flowers being the cure-all is something that has caused me to scratch my head as of late. Yo, why flowers, why not a hug or a kiss or something more practical? "Hey, I screwed up, here's something that's going to die within a few days, along with me truly being apologetic for the situation". The obvious fact is, flowers dry up and die; sometimes is decorative and sometimes it creates a mess.

For over five years now, I've avoided the topic of love and tonight, tonight, I'll keep the streak alive and well by saying this. There are a lot of unhappy people within this world of ours and their unhappiness comes at times from within and also from the people whom they think they cannot live without. This would be the moment when I would begin to tell my own story but I'll throw that in my next book.

IF there is no foundation to what you have, no friendship, no time spent, no understand, no chemistry, or no love, there are no roots and you're merely exchanging flowers which will die sooner rather than later. Maybe some people are okay with wrapping, I know I'm not, instead, I'm taking the small pot of friendship and planting it within the soil and watering it in such a way that it will produce the prettiest of flowers constantly.

"People grow/react differently when watered properly..."

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