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King Louis...

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Every now and then, I catch myself noticing just how quickly time has moved past me. Typically it's due to how much so and so has grown, the permit this niece has picked up, or the tired set of eyes staring, telling me there's only so much time left.

The freaking days, months, year have been tough, though I've attempted to grin and bear it per se. At times, I'm unsure if I have enough fight left in me or if it's okay to quietly throw in the towel and bow out of it all. Yes, I'm writing candidly because far too often, I write in code, a code which some might decipher and ask questions of me.

This past weekend, I visited my buddy D.P. and his family. It seems as though it was just yesterday when we connected unexpectedly in Peru on some random pre trip dialog talkenbout, "You're going to Peru? Oh snap, I'm going to be there too but I think we're going to miss a chance to meet up; IF you're still around, send me a message or something". Our friendship goes back to the mid 00's so the randomness is more tied to the international trip more than anything else.

There we sat in Peru, a group of buddies from a small town in California who somehow managed to make a night of food and drinks, work all the way in Peru. Shoot, I'm flakey in town let alone in another tying me down in another country!

I mention all of that in order to say, that the day D.P.'s first child was born, I received a call to come by the hospital and meet D.P. Jr. (though he's not really a junior). As I pulled up to the hospital, I questioned why I was even there to begin with, I'm not a fan of newborn kids and I'm also... scared of being asked to hold those little bobbleheads.

Boom, there I was lightly tapping on their room door and slowly walking in to see mom, dad, and little man, all looking back at me. The trip to Peru landed us all face to face some nine months later. Now, mind you, I ate too much food, whilst others spent their time playing twister.

In no time flat, I was asked to hold my nephew, at the hospital, and the rest is history as I sit and reflect, some six years later. This past weekend, I entered my buddy's place to meet the newest addition to the family. As I stood waiting for this gem to be brought out to see her uncle for the first time, I heard, "Hey uncle is here, go give him a hug" and out came my nephew to offer a quick uninterested hug.

Now, out of the corner of my eyes, I observed the keeper of the house, the guardian, the lord of the living room, King Louis. It had been a few months since I had actually seen King Louis, I'm thinking last year sometime; regardless of time, there he was quietly watching everything play out before him.

Louis stands out to me is because after D.P. Jr. was relocated to his parent's house, I found myself visiting in order to get five minutes of play time. For some strange reason, I can't remember why now, Louis and me were left in the living room by ourselves. I'm pretty sure my buddy said, "Louis can be something so just be on your toes".

I had purchased my first camera for the trip to Peru, some nine months beforehand and as is still customary, I had the camera with me during my visit, that afternoon. My first thought wasn't to take a picture of Louis, it was hoping the little guy wouldn't snap at me for any reason. Annnnnnd up on the couch he goes... (I'm gonna die)

You can tell, who was in charge! King Louis' face is almost saying, "I wish a brutha wooooould try to touch that controller". I was no dummy, I sat and waited for my buddy to return to the room, I wanted zero smoke but I also wanted a proof that he wasn't playing around with me.

King Louis - 2016

I started off by mentioning what reminds me that time is floating by, tired eyes being a sign. A few years ago, I visited my parents house, much like I had done for years. For thirteen years, our family pup would meet me between the kitchen the living room, NEVER stepping foot into the living room because dogs in the living space isn't how my parents rolled.

On this particular day, I entered the house but I didn't hear footsteps or see a happy face looking back at me. I found it odd that the house seemed so quiet. We know that nothing lasts forever and in our case we had an old pup who was still loved but slowing down. My steps to the back of the house were soft, as I didn't want to wake her if she was asleep and sure enough, there she laid, breathing hard and looking tired. It was our eyes which met first that afternoon, it was her telling me that she was tired and it was me looking at her and seeing the life/joy missing from her smile. I hugged our pup and I began to cry because goodbye and thank you for everything is tough to work through especially when you're not ready.

The eyes seldom lie and it was within his eyes, on Saturday, I saw an old friend telling me he might not have too much fight left; who knows what he was seeing in my eyes. It isn't often I write about animals but then again it isn't too often animals are homies too.

Old King Louis - 2021

Thanks for keeping it real and never snapping at me, bruh. This ride has been dope.

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