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Left On Read...

I've mentioned this on more than once occasion, that I'm a look out of the window and dream sort of person. This activity definitely holds true when I'm abroad. I tend to sit and wonder if anyone is thinking of me too whilst I'm far away from home.

My phone doesn't ring too much, these days; it's often me checking up on others or the faithful friends checking up on me. My brother Mando, thank you for the text today, I wasn't feeling like myself but you brought me back to the land of textversation. IF my brother Joe is reading this, thank you so much for the face to face conversation and dinner, too.

It's always the little things which keep us connected to others, the calls, the texts, the emails, or the drop-ins. I can't tell you how much it means to me, when someone takes the time to spend something so precious as time. Alas, time is the one thing once lost, can never be recaptured and returned to its natural state.

There have been several nights, as of late, in which I've spent time sitting not looking outwardly but rather inwardly, at the landscape of my life. Tonight, I've reflected on the fact I'm sitting and waiting, being left on read. I'm unsure if age should matter but there's a childlike feeling of being overlooked. My initial thoughts were this seems strange, this feeling, but the reality is I've been here within this little pond for some time.

This isn't a "Woe is me" type of post, rather a "Whoa, THIS IS ME..." realization! Time is the one thing, which when lost, can never be returned again to its rightful owner. As the cursor blinks, time sinks.

As time pushes throughout the day, we move from the light into the darkness. I pray for patience often and I'm able to find it from time to time, whilst I sit in the dark and ponder who will miss me if I were to be gone.

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