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Little Light

I'm still trying to figure out what captures my eyes and why I'm waking up in between states. Yes, I have a few banked airline miles and yes it's been ages since I've seen much of the world, let alone areas of this country, nonetheless, the thirst for adventure still burns within me.

We have been led to believe the world is broken and things are falling apart all around us, humanity hangs in the balance waiting for some sort of cure that will save us from ourselves. There are a few overly powerful people who pull the strings and allow certain things to take place within this world of ours; I wonder if they've ever opened their eyes after a long drive and thought, "Damn, this is beautiful".

The amount of peace which comes from silence is immeasurable and today I silently stood with my thoughts and my camera both in hand. The sky was mixed with various shades of blue and there also stood a lone light. I know why I was drawn to this picture, it's the same reason I'm drawn to trying to understand how light works.

There are times in all of our lives when things might appear a bit gloomy and dark. Some might struggle/fight in order to find a light, a way out, and others might choose to simply wallow in self-pity whilst decaying in the darkness. What if I told you that I often found myself in both areas at one point not too long ago in life; what if I told you that I noticed myself slowly dying all the while the world was moving around me?

The picture I paint isn't one of woe is me, instead it's a testament to the fact it takes a little light to rid ourselves of the darkness. We at times fail to notice that we are the lights which are meant to shine in an otherwise troubled world.

Today, I've complained a bit, I've sat quiet, I've laughed, smiled, pondered, but most importantly lived. I was moved to take this picture because it represents me, a figure capable of sharing light at a time when it's needed the most.

I hope you see yourselves the same way.

"This little light of mine, I'm goin' to let it shine..."

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