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Little One...

Seems as though the days have jetted by me a bit and I'm looking/wondering where they've flown off to. My days have been filled with work, work, finalizing a home purchase, moving from Castle Black into Dragonstone, preparing Castle Black for its new inhabitants, and unpacking all of this "shhhhhhtuuuuff".

Our community is home to a wide range of dope individuals and by community I mean the circle of people I call friends. Often, I wonder how the hell I'm in the mix of folks who are so dynamic, while I'm the one who is kind of just faking it until I make it; actually, I've been blessed and provided a whole lot of mercy.

This summer has been a rough one, perhaps the roughest of my life. For years, I've been one not to allow too much to effect me, my emotions are always accounted for or in check due to the fact I've never learned how to truly process sadness, process fear. It's strange to type this and think about all that has taken place within such a small window of time; one day soon I'll write a story about my awkward years.

My buddy left behind a nine year old daughter for our community to watch and protect. I'm not sure how to write this piece and give it the justice it deserves. The idea of being an impressionable child is something which I remember as though it were yesterday. My parents were transparent with their friendships and conversations so I was privy to the workings of the world more so than other kids my age; I think the same can be said of this blossoming little one.

When I think of my buddy, I can only remember his persona being larger than life. Whether it was, "Hey man, let's go to Germany for New Years or let's go to the desert" he was always ready for an adventure. The little flower pictured below was the beneficiary of random couch surfers, conversations, commuters, and trips which kids her age rarely get to experience.

The part we all must remember is that she still has a dad, though he isn't present with us any longer, he still left a mark which we as the many uncles and aunts must continue to provide for growth.

Time slows for no one and as I look at this picture, I can see her growth and it's beautiful to witness given the pain that has been casted. Time is also a cruel measuring stick as it takes when it's ready and we're often left wondering why. The days have pressed forward and now they're turning into months which will hopefully turn into years, however, through all of the reminders, I hope to stand next to this little one from time to time and smile a bit, laugh a bit, see her progression.

"Yo, Etch, what's good...."

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