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Lofty Expectation(s)...

Today, I looked out the window and observed something new. It's within these international days of travel, I find myself wondering why I choose to stay stationary. There is a sense of beauty still left within my youthful imagination; I chose the word youthful instead of immature for a reason. The clouds have faces, the birds sing a familiar song, and people simply float by never saying hello or goodbye.

From the view in my room, I have access to see so much of the city, the good and the bad per se. The information provided, by our concierge, is go this way to find shopping and the city center, do not go that way at night (haha). The question then becomes do I take the blue pill or do I take the red. My parents are probably reading this and thinking that I'm actually taking pills while abroad; rest assured I've only taken an Excedrin for my headache, no drugs here y'all! Now that I've gotten that announcement out of the way, it's back to the story.

The streets have been inviting me, from this view, they've called my spirit to move and take part in what is being offered below but there is a calming feel to this perch. The windows to the building, just to the right are opened and I'm not sure if there are eyes fixated on those who stare back down towards the street. Me and my mate were talking about how strange open windows seem, especially when you can see into the lives of other; I chimed in that they can see us just the same. The good thing for us is we're boring and both married (to this life of humor that is).

In all honesty, I've looked out this window daily and its views remind me of a different time. The skylines are filled with cranes and building renovations, the rain slowly beads down our large windows, and I find myself feeling at home. I'm unsure as to why Europe feels more like home than my actual home but that's neither here nor there I suppose.

There were never LOFTY EXPECTATIONS set upon my shoulders until I decided to look past what was being presented to me as being my "only options" for survival. My parents aren't leaving me "stuff" other than the wisdom and love. These years have provided me with a sense of clarity, a sense of what's important to me. I pray I'll remain hungry for both life and adventure; I also pray you'll continue to tune into what watch my progression.

Don't be afraid to dream out of whatever window, that you find yourself looking out of...

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