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Long Road Home...

I took a ride, with my buddy, in order to let a few things off of my chest, little did I know his reassurance would bless my spirit during a time of need. The fact is I'm that one friend who typically shows up carrying my camera, lenses, and bag; I never ask for adventure but those who know me well enough, know that I'm always after something unique and not the stereotypical touristy picture.

We departed, my buddy's house, close to 7:30p when we hopped into his car and began our drive to somewhere, neither of us had a solid course in mind. I saw some trees off in the distance and what seemed to be a little hill and I said, "Drive there and we'll see what we find". The country roads, around this time, are filled with agriculture, bugs, and a cool summer breeze. Our want was to find a place of peace.

It's strange to look at the picture below and think that it's exactly what I had in mind before we ever landed at our destination. I think of peace and where it exists within my life at the moment and I'd say it's here within the random drives I've taken over the last few weeks, it's within the laughter I've shared with others, it's within the stories shared with me as well. My struggle, struggle being used for the lack of a better word, comes from lack of applying daily reminders that peace exists.

As we drove, I spoke with my buddy about family, work, travel, friends, and the here and now. The road allowed us to pass the trees in the distance which were our initial marker and it brought us to a place which was elevated, a place which allowed us to see exactly where we'd come from and everything which surrounded us from east to west, north to south; this was definitely land's end. No sooner had we exited the car, we could feel the immediate change in temperature, it was cooler here.

I know a few people to say the least but I'm close with only a certain handful of said people; I'd like to think the number is even smaller for the people whom I entrust vital information to as well. There are still things which I may or may not share on here which have changed my outlook on life, work, love, and adventure; I suppose I'll cross said bridge when and if I get there. The guy standing in the picture provided me a life vest and instructed me to keep swimming.

My eyes couldn't help but be drawn to the sunset, road, and mountain off in the distance (you can see it's outline on the left). It was probably close to three years ago when someone told me that my composition was off and I needed to read up on what constitutes proper composition. The amount of pride which I had to swallow was immense and I took the advise and read a few books about what is perceived as being proper composition, i.e. subject, alignment, lighting, and creativity.

Life holds the same elements too, subject(s), alignment(s), lighting, and creativity. My buddy reminded me of this as we spoke and I realized that some elements of my daily composition have been off for a bit. It's in moments such as this I'd love to share more but the cryptic side of me comes out in order not to ruin things. I've held a certain level of maturity concerning life as of late and I'd like for it to continue.

For me, it's a long road home from here, a few hours of driving and listening to music in order to pass the time. My insecurities are real, my strengths are real as well, however, my peace is key. I hope you can identify what makes you all happy or places you within a peaceful place of Zen.

We're only granted one shot at this life thing so do and say what is important so no one is second guessing at the end of the day. I like to think I'm stronger today than I was say, yesterday, I like to think that tomorrow will be better than today; I just need to make it there first, I need to make it to the other side of the picture, the other side of said mountain off in the distance.

I remember liking a girl when I was younger, like my biggest life crush, we spoke daily and passed notes daily too, since that's what kids did during our time given the fact text was non existent. I would tell said girl that I liked her and she was would say the same to me and then one summer, I found out she had kissed another guy/"messed" around with another guy and that crushed my spirit for...

Never ask questions to things you already have the answer for, also don't be afraid to chart your own course into the unknown, if you're confident peace resides there, the proper composition resides there..

My buddy tells me that one foot in front of the other will get me to my destination and some days I place one foot backwards and stumble a bit in my attempt to get there; now you all know that I'm not the best dancer in the world (drops head).

I got home and saw the layout of this picture and remembered the moment. Yeah bruh, I'm happy, the road is long but if charted correctly, I can be there in proper time.

"No lo digas, si no lo dices en serio..." - M.C.

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