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It's funny what our eyes pick up on when left to our own imagination. For years, I've thought the streets of San Francisco were too daunting a task to fully wrap my lens around and find magic. Well, to be completely fair, I've only explored S.F. once with camera in hand and I've only only driven into the City once, on my own, within the last twenty years or so. Perhaps I should have used the word intimidating when describing shooting within the City.

Earlier today, I mentioned to a friend that I'm a hopeless romantic and I was cut off almost immediately and told that I should be more of a hopeful romantic; it's wild how perspectives can change a thought or mood. In all fairness, I'm probably just hopeless, once all of the romance talk has evaporated; I mean, my dad thinks I'm a bit hopeless but that's only because I'm still stubborn.

This pandemic has taken me out of my comfort zone and into a place I'm still learning to adapt to, a place of creativity and art. If you've followed this blog for any length of time, you've seen hundreds of pictures which have been sprawled out over the last five years or so. The moment I remove the writing aspect away from this blog is the very moment in which I hope the pictures can tell their own stories.

I've longed to be a hand within a picture, a picture so unique that it leaves you smiling, and by you I mean me, although you can collectively smile too. Yesterday, I wished openly to find someone who would dance with me, they would lead and I'd follow of course. Ah, the longing to touch both space and time, hearts and minds.

When people ask me how I've managed during this pandemic, I tell them that I'm doing fine outside of the lack of passport stamps and French being spoken, oh and Ireland, the beautiful trips to Ireland three out of the last four years were magical. The realization now exists that happiness isn't a place, possessions, or another; happiness for me starts with a longing to approach the day as though it really is my last. I no longer wake up with anxiety or a heavy heart/mind, I wake up and say thank you Lord for allowing me safe passage through the night. The interaction(s) I have before bed have been peaceful for months on end now and there are healing powers within them.

Today, I sat in my room for close to five hours straight without venturing past my door. There was a moment during a phone call with a friend when I noticed, I'm okay, what I thought I wanted at one time in life is merely just a blip within this journey I'm on, currently. It's too easy to beat myself up, I've done it well for far too long; I'm longing to capture more sights and sounds, laughter without frowns, and maybe just maybe a hand along the way.

Where do your eyes take you, where does your imagination float to, I'm longing to find out?

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