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To be completely fair, I'm the one who usually is paying attention to all the movements around me. The times when my camera is in hand create an even heightened level of observance.

Yes, I still shoot in color and yes, it's still fun for me to do so. These nights have caused me to rifle through hundreds of photos and memories, whilst on a quest to share what my eyes have seen.

The street was somewhat busy but I'd hoped that the busyness would die down, allowing me to capture a bit of magic. It's the magic that places everything into motion, it's the magic that keeps my eyes and mind wandering, searching.

About a year or so ago, someone shared that the moment a subject knows they're being captured, they become a paid actor of sorts. I stood quietly, speaking with my friends; my eyes on the street and my camera ready fooooor.

I was ready for the moment, it was my time, I had been on the LOOKOUT and VIOLA! The moment was here.

So much of this can translate into my day to day life. Perhaps, I'll write about this soon or perhaps, I'll remain where I'm most comfortable... In the dark

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