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Los Angeles, CA...

I cannot tell you the last time, I remember visiting Hollywood, CA, and finding it "cool". The city to me, is a bit too much in certain parts and this is aside from the homeless issues which L.A. faces; by a bit too much, I feel as though I'm not one who can find happiness within traffic, smog, and everyone's desire to be a star of some sort. My parents raised me a bit differently and this Americanized culture, which many despise, allows the young and the old, to roam aimlessly whilst toting the line of loitering the streets. Yes, I said, it loitering the streets... Why do I feel like a grandpa!

Today, we were given the option to walk or ride through Hollywood, of course I decided to opt for the car because something told me, "Bruh, you won't be able to get past the people". Look, I don't dislike humans, I am one (I think) but I do dislike this idle culture which is prevalent to the USA. There are roaming groups of adults who have zero objectives other than smoking weed, being loud, and appearing lost; this is exactly why stereotypes are created and battles are waged to change the stigmatism which exists, now within a few cultures.

I sat in the front seat, with my camera in hand and puzzled look on my face, I couldn't help but think if I could make it within this space. There are so many talented people who are vying to simply be discovered, be seen, and I'm finding this want to be so real not only in L.A./Hollywood. My day to day life isn't as creative as it needs to be, I do not challenge myself correctly; there are far too many started ideas and broken promises which have left me feeling a underwhelmed but I can't blame anyone other myself for these feelings.

As always, thank you to those of you who see a light within me, those of you who push me to be great and not hide my talents. The goals which I have in life aren't overtly lofty and truth be told, I'm not as bad off as I thought I was not too long ago. The best part about life is that we're allowed to live daily. Maybe instead of looking out of windows, judging, critiquing, and being hesitant, I should truly take hold of the talents that have been gifted to me.

LOS ANGELES, CA, felt like a foreign country this weekend, I hope to visit this country again to see if I stack up to the roaming youth and standing adults. Something tells me, my hybrid self will be just fine within any environment I'm placed.

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