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Magic Hour...

I've often written about the fact that I'm a hopeful romantic who hopelessly waits for the day(s) of catching a sunset on the beach with someone who is as into me as I am with them. The imagery makes me feel a way when I find myself hearing the crashing of the waves and feeling the soft ocean air against my face. I've been asked for what seems to be too long, if I would like to go and walk along the shore with my shoes off; the answer is always no. For me, I hope my moment in the sand is with you.

It seems as though my camera and eyes have become keen on picking out the right compositions and moments. I wonder how my life would appear if the same took place, composition and moments? Some years ago, I thought I had mastered photography, I thought I had made it into the circle of being considered a good photographer, within that breath of ego I asked another photographer what they thought of my pictures. This guy looked at me and said, "You should probably go out and purchase a book on composition, I'm not seeing much. Look, you asked and I'm being honest not trying to be a dick but yeah, go buy a book".

As you can imagine, my ego was burst and I smiled and attempted not to look like a jilted human as I slowly walked out of the store and immediately down the strip to a nearby bookstore. Yep, you guessed it, I picked up a book on composition and I also began to concentrate a bit more as the the why am I even wanting to grab this glimpse of time.

There is something so special about a good sunset; I cannot begin to tell you how many of these I've witnessed alone. Don't worry this isn't a sappy post expressing my loneliness as much as it is a post stating that there's so much beauty in this world which I wish to share with someone special at some point in life.

Now I understand this code I've attempted to adopt, which keeps me within the present but there's also a human side of me which longs for the loving gaze, voice, smile, and laughter of another at some point before this life is said and done. Maybe it's just me who likes the idea of sitting on a sand dune and watching the light slowly fade, all the while leaning against someone who is transfixed within the same light. Man, I read more hopeless than hopeful!

I wonder if my parents have ever experienced time at the beach, holding hands, laughing, and carrying on? If I'm allowed a tomorrow, I'll ask my dad what drew his eyes towards my mom and I'll ask him when he knew it was love. The thought of him sharing what his version of their attraction was makes me a bit teary eyed because they still get along as though they're the best of friends. It's rare to see that these days; it's a dying generation who've managed to keep the MAGIC HOUR, magical.

All I want is a day, a day I'll remember years from now if I'm blessed with more years, a day of holding hands, conversation, laughter, walking along the shore, and you.

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