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No Strings, It's Magic...

The truth is, I've had a pretty rough go at writing anything uplifting due to the fact my thoughts are all over the map the last few weeks. IF it were easy enough to blame everything on Covid 19 and call it a day, I would do exactly that but the reality is I'm feeling as though I've lost a bit of my magic.

There is no denying that I love nature yet there is a sense of acceptance, which I have, that I'm not out in nature nearly enough; the will is there but the drive is weak. I hate driving and I'm not the most patient person once out in the wild, I want to see something and I want to see it in less than a seven mile hike. Maybe this is why my parents never took us to Disneyland, actually, I'm pretty sure this is the main reason, well, that and I probably talked to much as a kid too. I digress.

I've often felt that certain people have this sense of magic about them, typically in their eyes. I know a set of sisters who have dancing eyes and as I've observed both sisters over there years, I've come to feel as though they're enchanting yet dangerous; not dangerous as in "black magic" dangerous but dangerous as in stay on your toes, they cheat at card games.

My close friend Armando, who is one of the 4 Horsemen, told me recently that life can be tricky and in a perfect world many of the things I wish for would take place. I've shared my heart and thoughts about life, adventure, work, and love and he has listened all the while having this twinkle in his eyes.

Over the course of the last decade I've grown quite a bit, as one would hope, and I've continued to look ahead and not dwell on things of the past. In moments of loneliness, I've walked two houses down to my brother Tony's house and sat within the comfort of his family, their laughter, food, and love. If I were to be honest with you and myself as well, I do not interact with too many people though the entire world thinks I'm this social butterfly.

The magic I seek is right before me, it's my ability to create, my ability to draw a smile out of the stoic faces of others, my ability to make my mother laugh that heartfelt laugh of hers, my ability to extrapolate what's needed and what isn't within a work environment, but most importantly my ability to not be satisfied with just being.

I'm an over-thinker to say the least, I also pay attention to far too much and that stems from me wanting to join the CIA when I was much much younger and athletic (haha, there's a story in there to be told one day). This world of ours is special and there are some special people within it; I'm holding out hope that I'm one of the specials ones.

My eyes twinkle too, maybe I'm growing in powers...

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