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Make A Wish...

It's always interesting, to me, where I place my dreams, what I dream about as well. The clouds have been glorious over the course of the last few days. I'm all about the rain and the wind because they clear up so much and also provide so much color to the sky.

A few nights ago, I listen to the rain and saw the light-show through the shades. This is an unusual winter for us; these storms have produced more harm than good for many, yet I sit and hope the weather will last just a little longer in order for me to feel the last drops of rain.

I'm unsure as to where and when I picked up my love for rain, I have to imagine it was during my younger days. Recently, I've expressed how much I want to dance in the rain, it's calling me to let go of all that holds me back, in order to rest underneath a cleansing cloud. Perhaps someone will join me, then again, I'm thinking I might do this alone.

Oh how many times am I alone, lost within my thoughts, my hopes, my dreams. At this point in life, I figured I'd be a little further ahead but here I am, still childlike, still hopeful that I still have days left for which I can enjoy the rain.

Today, as I left an appointment, a friend of mine pointed towards a pair of shoes. He said, "I see the picture in my head, which means you can create it". It seems as though I've been creating pictures and telling stories since I was a child. For some reason, I found Alice's shoes and in my mind, I clicked my heels and made a wish.

Forgive me if I seem as though I'm disappearing, that's the power of magic. Being lonely helps you to see and I'm seeing that my heart isn't in Kansas anymore, my hopes and dreams are within reach. The art of being patient is heavy burden to bear both mentally and physically.

I dare each of you to MAKE A WISH.... It doesn't take anything more than believing that your wish will come true.

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