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Mamma Supreme...

Look, I love my mom, don't @ me, make fun of me, label me, or anything ridiculous. To be fair, I'll allow you to envy me a bit because the woman you see is an angel on earth, yes it happens. The reasons she's an angel on earth aren't simply due to the fact she's my mom, she's an angel on earth because of her spirit and her strength.

One day, I'll share stories of how she was the first one to embrace me after I scored the first two points of my basketball career, she was also the parent who would say things like, "You're so fast and stronger than I thought". My mom has always been the smile I could find within a crowd; she would sit at midcourt and never yell (noooow my father would yell at me).

As a son, I have far too much love for the woman who brought me into the world, also as a son I hope that I make my mother proud of me. Yes, my dad is dope but he doesn't take pictures and I'm not going to force him to, I get it. I'm turning more into my father than I'd like to admit.

I can only imagine that this picture will move you all to smile a bit! Remember to call your moms and tell them hello and also tell them that you love them. The best gift you'll all receive is your hearing that you're loved back.

When I sincerely utter the words, "I love you" to someone one day, just know that I've been raised by a special woman and she'd love you just as much as she loves me.

Mamma Supreme...

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