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Mirror Mirror On The...

Lately, I've picked up a desire to shoot in a different fashion, to be creative, while not completely understanding what "creative" truly looks like. As is the par for me with almost every aspect of life, this new desire has been one of trial and many errors.

I captured a picture recently which felt like the last few months of my life within a single frame; there's mystery, chaos, self reflection, and a sense of calm. This in fact is one of my favorite images of 2020, you can insert anyone into the frame and same feelings would exist.

My room is filled with a few sayings/affirmations which are found affixed to the mirror, closet door, and room door; these affirmations/sayings help me to remember to be proud of the person within the mirror (Smile, Love Yourself, Never Stop Dreaming, Never Doubt Your Worth, Why Not You).

It's amazing how little adjustments can carry you further than otherwise imagined. At my age, I would have liked to think that I'd have everything in order by now, career, family, and that six digit nest egg. The truth is I've had the six figures, I've had a great run within a career, and I've been adopted by several families. So what's the issue you'd ask? The answer is simple, I've failed to stand in front of the mirror and accept the person staring back at me.

My days are filled for the most part within a world of silence and that is sometimes good and bad; good in the sense that silence beats noise, bad in the sense my overactive mind doesn't rest.

I'm finding that I do not need daily touches from others as much as I need to remind myself that everything is okay and working as it should be, as it's intended to be currently. The less you're seen, the more you're hopefully appreciated.

Recently, I decided to start looking inwardly as opposed to the world around me and that switch alone has brought me a sense of peace which I haven't had in some time. There isn't a TV on just to be on, there are no real distractions that are keeping me from me. In the end, there's this mirror which I stand in front of when I wake up and before I go to sleep, this mirror which will allow me to see where I'm at currently.

"Mirror mirror on the wall, how am I lookin'..."

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