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Mr Patience

I think I've said before, that this whole, "Patience is a virtue" thing is a bit overrated or maybe I'm just not virtuous. In all seriousness, we've entered into a new decade by the course of one day and I'm already thinking that maybe I'll slow-play the next 364 days to my advantage.

This photographic journey that I've been on has taken me to so many places and now I'm finding my way back home. There are few things which I enjoy more than working my way around an image. I find myself being creative whilst driving around town and wanting to do nothing other than capture a moment.

In order to capture something of quality, one has to first exercise a bit of (you guessed it) PATIENCE.

At the end of the day, time is forever fleeting and the curtains are slowly coming down on this play called Life, which each of us are playing our various roles in whether we wanted to be cast or not.

About a month or so ago, I took the picture which is shown below and I snapped it on a film camera which was gifted to me by a friend of mine. During the time of this picture, one of my closest friends and me had taken a walk to a local school in order to allow my buddy's son to stretch his little legs a bit.

As I stood in silence, I could hear the laughter of my buddy's son and I could also feel the warmth of the sun. I could only capture one, so I turned and fired off a shot and this is what came back.

What am I missing, what am I longing for, where am I going... There's a sense of patience that I'll find the answers sooner rather than later.

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