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My Next Trick...

While so many people are sitting and complaining about this mandated isolation deal being dumb, I'm out here attempting to hone in my photography skills a bit. Yeah, yeah, yeah, photography yaaaaaay (I can hear some of you now). Look, if it wasn't for photography, I'd probably in jail awaiting hearing on a racketeering charge or something.

Rona has people staying 6-10 feet away from each other and I for one am not trying to even talk to you if you're not a part of the tribe. You guessed, here comes this floating dude with his skateboard and myriad of questions which were answered in the most me sort of way, "Eeeeeehhhhh".

This dude attempted to shake my hand and proceeded to tell me he was clean, I hit him with a fist bump which was followed up by a trip to my car to grab the hand sanitizer; you can't be too safe out here these days, the Rona is more fatal than Carol Baskin.

Sorry Carol, that was a cheap shot as I've read you were more a cougar than tiger back in the day (meeeeeeow). It all makes sense now.

I digress!

The trick I'm really trying to show everyone is simple and I want you to play close attention to what I'm about to share...

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