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Natural Habitat...

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Her father looked at this picture and a few others I capture and asked that I call the pic set, Natural Habitat. So here we are, within our NATURAL HABITAT, our space of love and appreciation for one another.

I first met my buddy during a meeting, a meeting which to this day is still funny. Me and his best friend entered his office and were in need of some assistance for a show we were attempting to get off the ground. The rest is history, the trust is forever, and the bond started to form right then and there.

During our formative years, we were always instructed to choose wisely when it came to who we associate with. I like to think that I've been blessed with a circle of friends whom I want the best for in life and who want the best for me too. In all fairness, I was and at times still am a knucklehead and it's my circle who save me more often than not.

It's amazing to watch friends grow! I remember the nights of laughter, conversation, and thinking about the future we used to have. The day he proposed to his girlfriend, the day we went on his bachelor trip, the day they got married, the day they told me they were expecting a child, the day they said it was going to be a girl, the day she was born, and the day I held their first child. You see, there have been many days in which I've been allowed to be a part of something wonderful within their lives.

Family Business - Nemi

A photograph is something which stops time but for a moment or perhaps it stops time forever, as in we can only experience the moment for as long as the image exists within our memory or a shared space, such as this. Over the course of the last six years, I've attempted to hone in on the art of capturing time/moments/hearts. There is an art to a picture telling a story and I'm going to be one of the many artists which brings these stories to life.

The days have been rather heavy, my heart and mind have been elsewhere but my want to create has seemingly increased over the last few weeks.

Within this space, is where her story will continue to evolve. I hope I'm allowed to share in her moments of growth. I'm not sure how long I have left, how many more words, images, place, I have remaining to see. I do know that if you decide to stick close, I'll do the best that I can to produce a smile for you.

My world is moving to B&W, though my thoughts remain in color. IF someone would have told me years ago that photography would be my ticket to feeling alive, I would have told them they were trippin'....

And so it begins, the stories and friendships which shape me.

Natural Habitat - Nemi

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