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Nothing's Changed...

Nothing’s changed

But the name on my heart

You rearranged my thoughts

At the start

Your smile was so bright

And it warmed up the night

And now the cold winters come

I’ve flown a thousand miles just to say

My days are at times blue and gray

But the thought of your love

It shines down from above

I pray it never goes away

Your smile was so bright as the sun

And now the winters come

It’s cold and ashamed

Its forgotten our names

There’s no way to undo what was done

I wish you were always near

So the beat of your heart I can hear

The thunder and rain

They gently call out your name

Knowing soon the sun will appear

I wrote this song just for you

I pray all your dreams come true

You’re filled with beauty and grace

The mere thought of your face

I’ll stand here a lifetime for you

Your smile is so bright as the sun

And now the winters come

It’s no longer cold nor ashamed

It remembers our names

And will allow us to grow old as one

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